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The original intel drop never came to pass. Instead, what happened on October 30th was quite the contrary. Manafort and Gates were placed under home arrest. This was devastating for the credibility of the original poster. However, instead of ending the op, the posters decided upon a different tactic. The arrests of John Podesta and Huma Abedin.

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This chapter contains messing. If that’s not your thing, feel free to skip it! The very next morning, I take Mikan to the pet shop for a check-up. Somewhat remarkably, minus a few vitamin deficiencies, all of her test results all came back healthy. According to her, this is not entirely uncommon in anthropoids.

It can even get worse when they go into “heat. She has just recently hit her phase this month and has had a few close calls as a result.

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Their weapons of choice were memes, bits of reproducible culture whose most recognizable form is shareable internet photos, like cats behaving adorably or Clinton sending a text message, with captions meant to be funny. Braynard showed me a badge he ordered online to memorialize his service in the Great Meme War. After all, the idea that a swarm of socially alienated trolls played a meaningful role in a multibillion-dollar presidential campaign by, among other gambits, relentlessly spreading images of a cartoon frog is at least as ridiculous as the idea that a billionaire TV entertainer could win that campaign.

There is no real evidence that memes won the election, but there is little question they changed its tone, especially in the fast-moving and influential currents of social media.

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Donald Trump’s thoughts on politics and the direction of the country – pic. Ben Carson had that awkward moment on stage. Donald Trump stands strong next to Ben Carson before February debate as other candidates smirk their way past. The more I listened, the more I realized he was absolutely for real. The rest is history If we are to believe things went down the way Dr. Instead, these were raw – DKIM verified emails , which would take nothing short of a massive crowd-sourced effort to process and decipher.

You can read more here. Now the rest is history This didn’t work, and the exhibit was eventually shut down by the museum on January 10th. It featured a white “He Will Not Divide Us” flag on a flagpole – blowing in the wind, with the sound of frogs in the background.


Earlier this week an anonymous 4chan user claimed to have obtained images on Snapchat, a messaging service that allows users to send pictured that should disappear after a few seconds To prove that he or she had hacked a third-party app, the poster provided pictures allegedly from Snapchat. But some users have said they can find the images elsewhere. While Snapsave has been named as the third-party app that was hacked into, an anonymous photo trader told Business Insider it was in fact SnapSaved.

Cross-browser userscript that makes the 4chan imageboards usable.

We’ve had several quest threads following the Metal Gear universe, most notably Rise from Ashes and Revengeance Quest. While there’s not a definitive homebrew for it, there’s limitless potential and that certainly hasn’t stopped us from trying. Centers around Love Can Bloom with Doomrider as a special guest. There’s also a good enough amount of both grimdark and hilarious stupidity to keep a wide variety of neckbeards entertained.

Solid Snake[ edit ] I am happy The protagonist for most of the games. He later discovers that he’s actually the clone-son of Big Boss, created for reasons that change from game to game. Snake spends the rest of the games fighting Big Bosses’ other clones as well as uncovering the grand conspiracy his father had been retconned into fighting, while people talk about how hard the life that he chooses to live is even though it’s his own fucking choice.

He finally ends his career in Metal Gear Solid 4, his clone-genes rapidly degenerating and near the end of his life by the time he’s in his mid-thirties he’s in his late sixties biologically, complete with heart problems and seizures. But he doesn’t get to die before finally making amends with his father in a rather hilarious moment where Big Boss is convinced that unless he kills a really old man who was essentially a vegetable the whole series could happen again. In terms of personality there’s not much to say, besides him wanting to lead huskies in the Iditarod if he were to ever retire.

Big Boss[ edit ] Good night, sweet prince.

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But all of them add up to a coiled-up rage, ready to lash out at the nearest target. For young white men at Comiskey Park, that target was disco music. Just look at the rhetoric used by angry.

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Stefanie MacWilliams, a contributor to Planet Free Will, wrote an article last month that took off on social media. He later said he wanted only to investigate the claims. Among the claims are allegations that aides to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton were involved in a child prostitution ring hidden in mysterious tunnels beneath the pizzeria.

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