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Carmindy was born on 26th March in the Newport Beach, California. She used to paint faces in the Paris, on the beaches of Brazil, and on the streets of Havana. At the moment, she made her dream a reality through hard work and an unstoppable attitude. She managed to accumulate seven figures to her bank balance with the help of her career as a make-up artist as well as an author too. From her works as a make-up artist in these shows helped her to amass a huge amount to her assets. Moreover, Carmindy also published multiple books related to beauty and health earning a large sum of money. Some of the books authored by Carmindy include: Her mother used to work as a watercolor artist as well as a model. Carmindy is happily married to Javier Acosta since The couple appears frequently in the red carpet events together.

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The passionate makeup artist has also worked for major fashion magazines and is a published writer. Her full name at birth was Carmindy Kathryn Bowyer. As a teenager in high school, she was incredibly self-conscious about her physical appearance. The successful artist said that it was this that drew her to makeup but that it was her mother, also an artist and retired model, who helped to resolve her childhood insecurities. She learnt the art and principles of makeup application at the John Robert Powers School of Modelling.

Carmindy Kathryn Bowyer, better known by the professional name Carmindy is a New-York based make-up artist. She rose to fame in the American make-up line after working on the TLC reality TV series ‘What Not to Wear.’ Bowyer also contributed to major prestigious fashion magazines such as Marie Claire, Vogue, Essence, and Elle.

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Carol Alt is the name of an American model and an actress. Her full name is Carol Ann Alt. Her nationality is German, Belgian and Irish.

Makeup artist Carmindy shares her inspiring story of overcoming a difficult childhood and discovering real beauty.

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Tom Ford December 28, 0 6 2 minutes read Carmindy Biography Internationally named Carmindy, she actually is a celebrated personality from America. Carmindy spent some time working for various international mags including Vogue, Marie Claire and Elle and offers launched her personal cosmetics line. Carmindy will not seem to like posting her private information with the general public.

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